About me

Photography is a way to treasure.

I’m an Argentinian native who made Lake Tekapo my home in 2016, and I’ve been on a fascinating journey ever since.

Since I’m a child I was entusiasthic about astronomy  and my passion for interest in photography ignited during my firts trip alone overseas at the age of 15, where I received my first camera—a humble film camera that marked the beginning of my photographic odyssey. As a self-learner, I took the plunge into the world of DSLR photography, sparking a creative exploration that continues to this day.

My career in the motorcycle industry back home served as the catalyst for my photography venture, capturing the vibrancy of motorcycle events and laying the foundation for my evolving skill set.

The real turning point came upon my arrival in New Zealand, where the breathtaking landscapes and night skies became my canvas. Merging two of my greatest passions—astronomy and photography—unleashed a new world of possibilities. Ever since, my travels have been orchestrated around nocturnal wonders, each journey a quest to capture the essence of the night.

Choosing Lake Tekapo wasn’t solely for its daytime allure but also for the celestial spectacle it offers. As one of the largest Dark Sky Reserves globally, Tekapo’s velvety nights have become my sanctuary. Countless hours have been spent under the starry tapestry, contemplating the cosmic dance above.

In this nurturing community of passionate individuals—photographers, astronomers, and fellow enthusiasts—I’ve found inspiration and knowledge. Now, I feel compelled to share not only my images but also the wealth of experience I’ve gained over the years.

Join me on this cosmic voyage, where my images aim to kindle a spark within you, breathing life into your nights. Let’s travel together through the realms of astronomy and photography, turning each night into a canvas of shared wonder.

Let me guide you through my workshops